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Our Products Group

We have wide range and choice of spare parts to cater for our customers’ diversifying requirements

Engine Parts

Cylinder Head, Gasket, Seal, Piston, Belt Tensioner, Engine Valve, Crankshaft, Camshaft, etc.

Cooling Parts

Fan Motor, Radiator, Evaporator, Water Pump, Hoses, etc.

Suspension Parts

Shock Absorbers, Rubber Mounting, Rubber Bushing, etc.

Steering Parts

Tie Rod, Control Arm, Universal Joints, Lower Arm, Upper Arm, Stabiliser Link, Ball Joint, etc.

Braking Parts

Brake Pump, Brake Disc, Brake Pad, etc.

Bearing And Accessories

Wheel Bearing, Hub Bearing, etc.

Electrical Parts

Alternator, Starter, Sensors, Control Unit, etc.

Tranmission Parts

Clutch, Wheel Drive, Axle Drive, etc.

Filtration Parts

Oil, air, fuel filters, etc.